Chuck Evans’  MONTEZUMA Brand Sauces & Salsas is owned by MRE Holdings, a registered Ohio business entity.

…Ohio’s OLDEST & ORIGINAL and (One of America’s) LONGEST OPERATING Salsa & Chile Pepper Sauce Manufactures…29 Years…at the beginning of specialty chile pepper sauces & salsas introduction to mainstream America.

Pioneering Central Ohio & Columbus’ Local Food Manufacturing…Where Local Food MattersSince 1986

…Ohio Department of Agriculture Licensed & Inspected Cannery & Food Manufacturing Facility.

…Co-Author Chuck Evans {The HOT SAUCE BIBLE (1996) Crossing Press} is the World’s 1st Hot Sauce Collector with the World’s Largest Chile Pepper Sauce Collection collected through June 1995, cataloged and published in The HOT SAUCE BIBLE.  Upon publication, Chuck donated his sauce collection to the Columbus Food Pantry.

…Chuck Evans is Co-Author of PEPPER PANTRY: CHIPOTLE (1997) Celestial Arts.

…Chuck was featured on The History Channel as the guest historian for the classic food series AMERICAN EATS: CONDIMENTS – Hot Pepper Sauces & Salsas (2006).

…Chuck is credited with Introducing the Chile Chipotle spice to the mainstream United States marketplace.

Created the Original and Very 1st Smokey Chipotle® Pepper Sauce, Smokey Chipotle® Salsa, & Smokey Chipotle® Barbecue Sauce in the USA.

Internationally-recognized MONTEZUMA Brand Jamaican Jerk Marinade was awarded Condiment Category FINALIST at the 1991 NASFT (National Association for the Specialty Food Trade) Show in New York City.

…Specializing in Habanero Hot Hot Hot Sauces & Salsas, including the notorious Triple XXX Salsa Habanero and the incredible Smokin’ Chipotle® Habanero Barbecue Sauce.

…Creator of the New Super Hot Ghost Jolokia Really Hot Salsa and Ghost Jolokia Really Hot Sauce made with the GHOST Chile (Bhut Jolokia), a hybrid chile originating and grown in northeast India {bordering Bhutan and Myanmar (Burma)}. India’s Bhut Jolokia/Ghost Chile dethroned the Red Savina variety of Chile Habanero as the Guinness “Hottest Chile” record-holder.  Subsequently, The Chile Institute, New Mexico State University, tested the predominant super hot chiles, publishing a report in HortTechnology (August 2012), The Chile Institute provides a scientific measurement of the heat-level in chile peppers that is reliable and consistent, eliminating the inconsistencies of Guinness’ reliance on third-party measurements.

…Creator of the New Super Hot PENITENTE Tortured Soul Hot Salsa and PENITENTE Tortured Soul Hot Sauce made with TRINIDAD SCORPION Chile Cultivars, tested in 2012 as the World’s Hottest (Landrace) Chile Peppers at The Chile Institute, New Mexico State University.

Great Gift Purchase “for the one who can never get it HOT enough”

The  HOLY TRINITY of SUPER HOT Sauces & Salsas


PENITENTE Tortured Soul



…Chuck created the very 1st line of Chile-Specific Hot Pepper Sauces in the World featuring:  chile cascabel, chile de árbol, chile guajillo, chile cayenne, chile serrano, chile pequín, chile ancho, chile jalapeño, chile chipotle, chile habanero, chile güerro, New Mexico Red & Green chile cultivars; and the more recent Super Hot Chiles: Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Chile) & Trinidad Scorpion chile cultivars.

Early Pioneer of Chicken Wing Sauces.  Karen’s Spicy Red Chicken Wing Sauce was created in 1987.  The truly fiery & flavorful Habanero Hot Hot Hot Chicken Wing Sauce was introduced in 1990.

People’s Choice, National Fiery Foods & Golden Chile Award-Winning Sauces & Salsas.

…The Sole Remaining Hot Sauce & Salsa Manufacturer exhibiting at the Very 1st National Fiery Foods Show held in El Paso, Texas (1988)…for the past 26 years the National Fiery Foods & BBQ Show has been held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Chuck Evans‘ SMOKEY CHIPOTLE® is the Very 1st trademark registered in the United States Patent & Trademark Office incorporating the word chipotle, where the word chipotle, as a proper/generic name, is disclaimed; was filed in 1993 and granted registration (1995) in Class 30.

Chuck Evans’ SMOKIN CHIPOTLE ® was granted trademark registration in 2008.

…Specializing in CHUNKY CHIP DIPS that really tasteFRESH OUT of the JAR .

…2009 ” Week-End of Fire” Fiery Foods Show INAUGURAL Judges & People’s Choice GRAND CHAMPION SALSA, Cincinnati, Ohio *SMOKEY CHIPOTLE® LIME & GARLIC SALSA*.


Chuck Evans’ MONTEZUMA Brand Sauces & Salsas are available in select independent Columbus and Cincinnati area grocery stores & gourmet markets including:

Rife’s Market, Weiland’s Gourmet Market, Huffman’s Tremont Market, Carfagna’s International Market, The Hill’s Markets (Worthington & Downtown locations), Raisin Rack Natural Market, Clintonville Community Market, Bexley Natural Market, Earth Fare Natural Market, Powell Carry-Out, Eckel’s Hard Road Market, The Anderson’s Stores (Sawmill & Brice Road locations), Sharon Square Carry-Out, Pace-High Beer & Wines, Boulevard Carry-Out, Lucky’s Farmers Market, Jungle Jim’s (Fairfield & Eastgate locations), Lehr’s Meats, Holzman’s Market, Newtown Farm Market, and…the Celebrate Local store at Easton Mall featuring local food products made in Ohio…and other locations nationwide.

Purchase Chuck Evans’  MONTEZUMA Brand Sauces & Salsas at:

…the Wednesday afternoon Westerville Farmer’s Market (May-October)

…the Thursday afternoon Bexley Farmer’s Market (May-October)

…the Thursday afternoon Easton Farmer’s Market (June-early September)

…the Saturday morning Clintonville Farmer’s Market (the May-November Outdoor Market)

…the Saturday morning Worthington Farmer’s Market (the May-October Outdoor Market)

…and all winter-long INSIDE the Saturday morning (November-April INDOOR Worthington Farmer’s Market) at The Shops at Worthington Mall @ S.R. 23 (N. High St.) & I-270


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